In Rhythm Massage Therapy


Visiting Caterina for a session you will easily feel comfortable and at ease. She greets you with warmth and makes sure you are getting your needs met.

After filling out a short questionnaire she suggests what type of therapy would be best for you - and yet she doesn't always follow the 'program' when her hands lead her intuitively to work towards a different venue. In her gentle approach to help your body, you can relax and let go and be assured to feel better, centered and at ease when you leave.

Her extensive training lets you choose from

Deep Tissue,

Myofascial Release,

Ortho Bionomy,

Thai Stretching,


Passive Joint Movement,

Medical Massage,

and includes Aroma Therapy at your discretion.

She specializes in Cranio Sacral Therapy and Lymph Drainage, also called Lymph Massage or Oncology Massage.

In Rhythm Massage Therapy in Del Mar, CA 92014                         858-775-8722