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Biodynamic Bodywork

developed by Caterina, is based on supporting the body’s own abilities to restore and balance itself. It addresses the interconnectedness of individual movement patterns. It helps align a body’s structure, alleviates pain and promotes comfort. Biodynamic Bodywork integrates the knowledge and techniques of many bodywork modalities including CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy and Viceral Manipulation.

Biodynamic Bodywork is a manual therapeutic modality. It urges a person to a balance that connects their body and mind and supports a whole organism energetically and physically to well-being and whole-ism. Instead of fighting natural responses with instant chemicals we need to support our bodies by listening in, sharpen our intuition, indulging in positive thinking and balancing our life’s activities. A biodynamic support of the body helps to accomplish this goal.

A different view of pain and what is causing it:

Pain is the body’s signal to the brain that something needs attention. It also can be viewed as the result of stagnation or inhibition of the flow of energy comparable to a dam in a river. In ideal circumstances the body’s healing ability can remove minor stagnations or tightness. When a balance of activity and relaxation takes place, specifically sleeping well, the body knows how to alleviate such a stagnation.

If stress persists over a period of time, and the body does not have periods that are stress free, tension accumulates in the body and eventually causes pain. The longer the body is without adequate relaxation and sleep the greater the amount of stagnation. This in turn leads to greater pain and a more intense out of balance body. The more the body experiences stress without release the more the problem is compounded and grows to connecting areas.

Biodynamic Bodywork addresses this compounded stagnation with client specific treatment of each of the related areas of the imbalance. When your knee hurts it may not be just your knee that needs adjusting – a biodynamic approach to healing seeks out the related area to the pain and treats not only the symptoms but also the cause of the knee pain

Addressing all the related individual body patterns is the key to effectively relieve tight areas which correspond to the pain area. A Biodynamic approach to healing the body reveals its imbalances by looking at the structure and responses. With Biodynamic Bodywork Caterina reads the bodies response to her touch and the signals to the connecting areas to the pain. Most often the connecting areas signal tightness and pain to her experienced touch. Without releasing these associated imbalances the body keeps reminding us that there are still unresolved areas pulling the body out of balance by signaling with pain. As each set of connecting areas are treated Caterina seeks further imbalances or stagnation to ensure she is treating all the related areas to both the symptoms and the cause of the pain.

What is involved in a Biodynamic approach to healing a body and/or helping it to stay healthy?

The Biodynamic Bodywork practitioner tunes into the subtle physical movements and rhythms of tissues and organs. Working with these specific movements it assists the body in restore itself after a day’s work, exercise and activities, or in healing a stagnation of these specific movements. Seeking balance in a body’s natural movement patterns supports the body’s innate way to heal itself. Therefore, the therapeutic approach is soothing, a light touch, and very relaxing and rejuvenating.

Biodynamic Bodywork

  • tunes into the natural subtle movements 
  • addresses both body structure and organs
  • helps release accumulated tension, so-called pain causing knots
  • finds and releases connections to the pain areas for lasting results
  • relaxes and helps with insomnia
  • focuses on integration to well-being and comfort
  • includes advice and guidance for specific movements (exercises) to improve posture.

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