In Rhythm Massage Therapy


in Rhythm Massage Therapy In Del Mar

At the In Rhythm Massage in Del Mar, California, Caterina developed an integrated therapy approach based on the great traditional systems of both western and eastern modalities and their synergies. Specializing in Energy Therapy she includes various additional modalities to restore the body’s normal soft tissue, muscle and joint function, to support your body’s own healing capabilities.

Each of Caterina’s session is tailored to specifically release outdated physical patterns one accumulates over time, such as chronic pain, sports injuries, accident injuries, repetitive motion injuries, as well as, neck and shoulder pains. With her ability to deeply relax your body, you will feel freer and lighter, centered and more balanced.

Caterina also provides a guide for clients and practitioners of both self-care and alternative healing methods (such as specific exercise and nutrition based recommendations for a healthy life style).

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